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About Laser Facial Beauty Clinic & Cosmetic Surgery

The experts at Laser Facial Beauty Clinic are making Miami an even more beautiful place.  Do something luxurious for your body and mind while experiencing the gold standard in customer service and aesthetic technology.  

Laser Facial was founded by power couple George and Angie Mohama.  Angie is a 20-year aesthetics industry veteran, with extensive experience using modern science to help people look and feel their best.  George is a communications expert and recognized entrepreneur with a passion for cutting-edge technology. Using these diverse skill sets they set out to open a medical beauty clinic and spa with one mission in mind: Combining the best of nature and technology to address the complex needs of the human body.

The team at Laser Facial provides clients with the most researched, curated healing experiences directly from the people who know what the best truly is.  Our client’s services are fully customized and tailored to meet their needs. We cater to exactly how you want to feel. After all, there's nothing quite like a custom service. Expect an experience, or in this case a spa service, where you don't have to think or act- you can just relax. A prompt and professional healer will be there to walk you through every step of your treatment and transform your body and mind.

The highest quality machines available, the convenience of trust-worthy scheduling, expertise complete with unique care, and in general, the pure luxury of a service that adheres to all your preferences.

Let us help you experience physical self-improvement like no other with our diverse array of treatments.  Everything from hydrafacials and laser hair removal, to PRP therapy and body contouring- Laser Facial will take care of you from head to toe.  Take a moment to browse our boutique selection of skin care products, made from dermatologist-grade botanicals, and take the spa experience home.

Angie Mohama / Specialist

Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Presas

Dr. Presas / Medical Director / Plastic Surgeon